Solar Screens

Solar screens block the sun while allowing excellent outward visibility.

Solar screens can help you save on your energy bills.

Block the Heat, Not the View

Solar screens are an excellent way to reduce your utility bills. They’re designed to block the heat without blocking your view. As a result, they allow natural light into your home without the unsavory side effects. They also allow for daytime privacy.

Better Quality Compared With Solar Film

We install our solar screens right outside your windows. Solar screens block those UV rays before they even have a chance to touch your windows. That high quality design means they’ll last, particularly when you get them installed by professionals.

Professional Custom Screens Enhance Your Home

Solar screens offer beauty and protection, just like you’d expect from your favorite pair of designer sunglasses. We can build a screen to fit any shape or size of window. We can also customize your screens to match the grid patterns in your current windows.

As a result, our screens will enhance your home, your health, and the lifespan of your furniture and belongings. Our solar screens protect anything you’ve placed in the direct natural light of your home. In addition, professionally installed custom screens will keep your home’s exterior beautiful.

Keep Costs Low While You Work From Home

Solar screens are great for the west-facing windows of your home; and they’re excellent for sunrooms. They reduce the glare which means you won’t have to squint when viewing your television screens and monitors. So, solar screens are perfect for your remote and work-from-home office spaces.

If you look at all the options, solar screens are a minor investment compared to the cost for most home updates. This simple addition to your home and workspace will increase your comfort, reduce energy bills, and add to the lifespan of your furnishings and climate control equipment.

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