Interior Motorized Shades

Advanced Technology | Easy to Use | High-Quality Products

Need Shade Inside Your Home or Office?

Beat the Heat provides custom motorized interior shades that integrate the most advanced technology into our easy-to-use, high-quality products. Our effortless-use shades create the perfect amount of natural light at the touch of a button. They are a beautiful addition to any home interior or professional setting.

Quickly raise or lower these luxury window treatments without dangerous cords or frustrating cranks!

Safety and Comfort

Cords can be dangerous for pets and children. Manual blinds can be challenging, particularly with joint pain and stiffness. Motorized shades allow people with various abilities to adjust the light easily. In addition, they can be controlled via remote and prevent glare in home offices, during movie nights, and allow for cooler temperatures without raising electricity bills.

Shades For Home, Office, and Home-Office Use

You need the perfect lighting for so many reasons.

  • Reading
  • Video calls
  • Business presentations

Our shades will show you in the best light. Our premium quality equipment is easily installed and won’t take time away from your professional and personal endeavors. So, our expert installers will have your space cool and collected before you know it, whether your boardroom needs a facelift, or your game room needs some shade.

You can put your blinds on a timer. It’s an energy-efficient option to help lower your climate control costs. You can even control them from your phone! In addition, our shades add additional insulation, directly increasing the lifespan of the heaters and air conditioners you’ve already installed. So, your home is even more energy efficient.