Beat the Heat

Home of the “Fortress” with ShadeFit Technology

Our History

Our story began more than 20 years ago when we began building solar screens in a garage in West Texas. Over the course of the next few years, our focus expanded to provide motorized patio shades for families and businesses across the United States.

While the systems we offered to our customers exceeded expectations at the time, they had trouble handling high winds and extreme temperature changes. After years of dealing with these challenges, we sat down as a team and created a design that fixed these issues.

As a result, the Fortress was born. Built for strength and longevity, The Fortress gives customers peace of mind knowing they purchased the best system on the market.


For·tress /ˈfôrtrəs/
“A thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance”

The Fortress advantages are many. This system was well thought out and designed by individuals who have installed and serviced units for over 15 years.

This system was designed to accomplish the following objectives:

Eliminate the common issues with motorized retractable zipper screens, as well as prevent screens from coming out of the tracks in high winds
Eliminate the gap on a patio floor that’s on a slant
Eliminate costly service calls
Make installations easy for even a beginner to install

Benefits of The Fortress

Keder vs Zipper

Most all motorized shades use a zipper for their retention system. As a result, these shades cannot handle high winds. We use a keder for our shades so the shades will not blow out in high winds. Our shades can withstand the harshest of elements.

ALL ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION – The Fortress features all-aluminum construction.
KEDER VS ZIPPER – We use keder for our shades so you won’t experience blow out in high winds.
REINFORCED BOTTOM BAR – We engineer our bottom bar with strength and functionality.
HEAVY DUTY TRACK SYSTEM – Our track system allows for inner-track flexibility during extreme weather temperatures.
SHADEFIT TECHNOLOGY – We ensure your shade will “fit” the slope of your patio with our patented technology.

Reinforced bottom bar

We engineered our bottom bar to have additional cavities that allow us to strengthen it for longer shades. We also created an “additional” weight bar for when shades are very narrow. All shades are gravity driven and when shades are narrow it makes deployment difficult during windy conditions.

ShadeFit Technology

All Aluminum Construction

Our system is free of any plastics or PVC parts that will wear over time. Our system is built for longevity.

Heavy Duty Track System

Our track system allows for inner-track flexibility during extreme weather temperatures.

Custom Sizes

We can manufacture shades up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall.

Custom Colors

We have 10 frame colors to choose from that will match your existing structure. If those colors don’t match, then we can custom match your shade with a custom color coating.